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Disable/Uninstall Synology 6.1 Universal Search

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Synology DSM 6.1 has removed File Station from the core and swaps out the Search functionality from File Station into its own individual package. I’ve noticed some users (myself included) have been posting on forums and stated they no use for this package and did not want it installed, and it cannot be disabled or uninstalled via the Package Center. So here are some simple SSH commands (assuming you already have SSH is enabled in Control Panel / Terminal & SNMP) you can execute on your DiskStation to either disable or remove the package permanently.

So login into your DiskStation with a ssh client such as PuTTy with your username and password followed by:
sudo -i

Enter in your account password, you should now be under the root account.

To disable:
synoservicecfg --disable pkgctl-SynoFinder

To remove completely:
synopkg uninstall SynoFinder

And to logout of root account:

You will have to logout and log back into the DSM to notice the package has been completely removed!