Matthew Lewis

Hi there! 👋
I’m Matthew — a web developer working for NovaStream from a small community on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Latest from the Blog

Short and sweet writings/ramblings for anything technology-related. This will also include notes and solutions for any strange problems I've encountered throughout my career.

zwavejs2mqtt database lock error

Quick note for anyone who is running an instance of zwavejs2mqtt to control their zwave devices through docker. After a …

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Custom Error Pages with Nginx

While revamping some of our VPS we use to host some client websites I found a strange issue with nginx …

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HomeAssistant with Vultr API

HomeAssistant is an amazing open source solution to automate the digital aspects of your life and living space. They have …

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Companies I've worked with

  • Cape Breton University
  • Destination Cape Breton Association
  • Celtic Colours International Festival
  • New Dawn Enterprises
  • Cape Breton Partnership
  • ViBE Creative Group
  • Municipality of the County of Inverness
  • Municipality of the County of Victoria
  • Lumiere Arts Festival
  • Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design
  • The Gaelic College
  • Bean Barn Café

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